Walaa Maher 

Supply Chain Continous Learner 

What is ESCA​TM

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TEN is the magic Number...
Ten Programs 
Ten Delgates 
Ten Traniers 
Program Should focus on group of 10 from diffrent backgrounds to enable enteractions and healthy debates.
Module 1:  
  • What is the "E" an Entrepreneur
  • Difintion of the Term, Diffrence between Normal Person & Entrepreneur 
  • Three Aspects of Entrepreneurship 
  • Defining an Entrepreneur : Getting Over Fear
  • Characteristics of Education of Entrepreneurs
  • The Shy Entrepreneurs

Module 2: 
  • What is the "A" Archeict and where to be in the Jobs in the Supply Chain
  • The Need for "Supply Chain Managers"  "Video"
  • A walk through the Jobs in the Supply Chain
  • Top 500 Companies Chains
  • P&G Supply Chain – Published on Youtube 2010
  • Kimberly Clark Talents - Published on Youtube 2012
Module 3: 
  • The Principles of Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • APICS Defintion for SC & Logistics + The 6 Rights 
  • A walk through the key Highlights in the world of the Supply Chain 
  • The BullWhip Effect - Video & Quick Explanation for the need of SCM 
  • Value Chain Vs Old School Supply Chain
  • Global Supply Chain Design
  • SC Visibility 
Module 4: 
  • Management Essentials : MVOG Mission Vision Objects and Goals
  • Building a Foundation: The Four Pillars of a Professional Career
  • WorkShop 2 : Planning & Setting your Company Goal
  • Setting Tactical Goals for Supply Chain
  • What are the Key Items Investors are looking to ? & Modern Companies looking for their Employees to understand ? 
  • Deployment of the Shewhart Cycle in Controlling your SC results
  • WorkShop 3 : Deploying the PDCA
  • Workshop 4 : for Managing your Project with The PDCA 
Module 5: 
  • Lean Management - Lean Thinking
  • Lean Vs the traditional Management Styles
  • Lean History and Manfacturing Icons 
  • Detailed Comparison between Different phases of Manfacturing in the history 
  • Detailed TPS Edcuation Session
  • Going through the 4P & 14 Rule of the TPS
Module 6: 
  • Oliver Wight & APICS Modules.
  • Hi Level Loss Analysis Overview
  • Supplier Stratification & Relation Management
  • Material Management : Essential Logistics 
  • Material Management : Negotiation Skills : Win A Contract 
  • Workshop 2 =>"End to End Money Flow"
Module 7: 
  • Logistics Management & Operations
  • International Logistics 
  • Logistics & Transportation Modeling
  • Logistics Performance Management
  • Equations will be studied
  • Linear Programming for Logistics Modeling ; Production Planning ; Workforce Planning ; Market Allocation
  • Transportation Model ; Transshipment Model ; Two Stage Transportation ; Centre of Gravity Model
  • Set Covering Model ; Vehicle Routing Algorithms 
Module 7: Supply Chain Modeling
Detailed Study to explain the use of data and process modeling to support decision making in the Supply Chain systems.
  • Show how data can be obtained, extracted and manipulated to enable decision support tools to be used to underpin the management of the supply chain.
  • The lectures will demonstrate how supply chain processes can be modeled and analyzed for re-engineering and improvement.
  •  They will demonstrate how to select appropriate modeling tools for particular problems, incorporate data and use the models to evaluate alternative approaches. 
  • The use of models in tactical and strategic applications will be established.
  • Supply Chain processes and design ; Prepare data to support management decision making in the supply chain ; The application of Operations Research methods in the context of SCM
  • To Understand the issues underpinning effective inventory control to maximize serviceability at minimum cost. ; To Analyze SC processes, design and re-design  ; To Obtain, manipulate and analyze data in a manner appropriate to the problem in hand  ; To Build and use appropriate operations research  to evaluate alternative approaches and strategies  ; Of the Use of relevant computer software, interpret and communicate the results.
  • => Equations will be studied
  • Supply Chain Design Models ; Forecast Models 
  • Single Exponential Smoothing (Minitab + Excel)
  • Double Exponential Smoothing (Minitab + Excel)
  • Triple Exponential Smoothing (Minitab + Excel)
  • Inventory Management Models:
  • Economic Order Quantity ; Reorder Point ; Safety Stock ; Multiple Products Inventory ; Supply Chain Simulation Models (Arena Simulation Software)
Module 8: 
  • Crisis management is a business plan of action that is implemented quickly when a negative situation occurs.
  • The Institute for Crisis Management defines a business crisis as a problem that: 1) disrupts the way an organization conducts business, and 2) attracts significant new media coverage and/or public scrutiny. Typically, these crises have the capacity to visit negative financial, legal, political, or governmental repercussions on the company, especially if they are not dealt with in a prompt and effective manner.
  • Evaluation Workshop => SC & Crisis Management Simulation
    The Attendee Use board games and Special WAMDA Design for Supply Chain Simulation Game , the target is to reach a common understanding for the supply chain components & risks.
Module 9: 
  • Supply Chain Performance Measures and KPIs 
Module 10: 
The Unstoppable Employee Work session  
Exam : Paper & Pencil - Open Source