Walaa Maher 

Just a Supply Chain Continous Learner 

Walaa equals Passion for Supply Chain
Public Speaker & Consultancy
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Walaa is one of the best in the world at understanding the material flow optimization potential of a SC. He is A diligent learner of the supply chain constantly looking to expand his knowledge and with it, ability to influence the delivery of breakthrough results. 
Jake Barr
BlueWorld SC Consulting, USA 
Under Walaa’s leadership I experienced the broadest end-to-end supply chain organisation than ever before. He built a cross-functional team combining purchasing, demand-/production-/material-planning, customer service, 
warehousing and distribution with all the benefits of short distances and quick decisions. For me, in short, Walaa equals Passion for Supply Chain.
Dorothea Hilmer
SAP ERP Consultant (SAP ERP (MM,PP), BW, APO, Germany
"Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" Walaa Developed an Education and Training System. Blinding Theory of Constraint TOC, LEAN, Six Sigma and Soft Skill Programs.
Kindra Murphy
Duracell Supply Manager
Berkshire Hathaway, USA
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Professional Affiliation 

ISC MEA Advisory Board leader
ISC UK Advisory Board member

Integrated Supply Chain' is a global community for people within the Supply Chain sector to network and share knowledge, views and opinions that help deliver a comprehensive understanding of how to improve Supply Chain, IT, Procurement, Purchasing and Logistic processes & operations.
We bring together thought leaders, academics, analysts, end-users and supplier organisations from within the Supply Chain sector, who help senior management within medium and large enterprise organisations understand what strategies and solutions they need to employ in order to achieve Supply Chain Operational Excellence. 
End-User organisations use 'Integrated Supply Chain' to educate themselves about the latest strategies and information in order to benchmark their own operations against the industry standards as well as address and improve the most challenging issues of their Supply Chain, IT, Procurement, Purchasing and Logistics Value Chains.
Integrated Supply Chain Ltd
Wimbledon London

ISCEA USA, MEA Advisory Board Member

ISCEA, The International Supply Chain Education Alliance, conducts many workshops to improve the knowledge of Manufacturing and Service industry professionals worldwide. ISCEA’s mission is to be a single source for Total Supply Chain Knowledge through Education, Certification, and Recognition. ISCEA is the developer of internationally recognized certification programs of Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM), Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA), Certified Lean Master (CLM), and Certified RFID Master (RFIDSCM). ISCEA is the governing body for the Ptak Prize. ISCEA members hold mid to upper supply chain management positions in Global 2000 companies.
ISCEA Websites:  www.iscea.net,  www.iscea.com,  www.iscealatinamerica.org
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